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Visual Effects Services

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Choosing Visual Baker for your next project

Our VFX crew is made up of talented artists and technicians dedicated to serving your project. There is no VFX challenge that our skilled crew can’t handle. We tackle everything from animation, compositing, matte painting, rig removal, set extension, environments, and every other VFX service under the sun.

We deliver our clients the entire VFX service package, providing expert end-to-end VFX project management. When clients hire us, they know their project or concept is in capable hands.

With over 6 years of filmmaking experience, Visual Baker offers a wide range of professional visual effects. Whether it's a single VFX shot or the complete post production of your video, we can provide the service you are looking for. If you need something composited, removed or blurred, we can help. Visual effects can be something as simple as changing the color of a car, or removing it's number plate. The list of effects goes on and on. If you need VFX for your film or video, please contact me at or fill out a simple quote form.

When people think of visual effects, they might think of CGI or green screen. The truth is, a lot of the time you simply don't notice the visual effects because they are hidden so well. Visual FX can be used to enhance a film or create interesting visuals. Visual effects can be seen in anything from films, music videos and commercials. A typical example of a VFX shot might be the replacement of a sky or replacing something on a tv screen. It could mean using elements of an already existing shot and then duplicating or erasing them. Sometimes the material you need to make a visual effect can be found in the shot itself or a similar shot from the project. Other times, 3rd party elements can be used from stock footage or even still images. Visual Baker is experienced in green screen, rotoscoping, motion tracking and animation. Let us create that seamless shot you have been looking for. Let your story become believable with professional visual fx.

How it works

Once a clear understanding of the visual effects shot has been established, footage and assets can be sent online. Once a rough draft of your shot has been made, we will send you a version of your video for feedback. After feedback, revisions and changes can be made until you are satisfied with your effect shot. Once all stages of your shot are complete, the final render will be sent via online storage or mail delivery. (payment may also be requested in milestones e.g rough cut, fine cut, color grade ect.)


  • 2D Compositing

  • 3D Compositing


  • Motion Blur Mattes

  • Stereo Roto

  • Silhouette Splines

  • Green Screen Extraction


  • Object Tracking

  • Camera Tracking

Digital Paint (clean up)

  • Rig/Wire/Object Removals

  • Stereo Paint

  • Dust and Scratch Removal

Virtual Reality Services

  • VR Rotoscoping

  • VR Paint Prep

  • VR Stitching

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