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Anything you can imagine.

Andrew Baker VFX, also known as Visual Baker (DBA), is a boutique San Fransisco Bay Area visual effects and media production one-stop shop studio created by Andrew Baker. Our clients are from around the world, including Directors and Producers for film, TV, mobile apps, and commercial /corporate. We take pride in our genuine creativity which is backed by years of experience and technical knowledge. 

"I would love to be your VFX workflow solution!"

                                                                 - Andrew

Serving up stories since 2016


A small fraction of the price to the studios down the road.

VFX Rate Card

Artist Title

Hourly Rate*

Day Rate


$80 – 100 /hr.
(*variable on work, please contact for personalized quote)

VFX Generalist

$60 – 100 /hr.
(*variable on work, please contact for personalized quote)

(*includes all job related tasks)

Rates are variable upon workload and subject to change. Please don't let this frighten you, we love to hear from lower budget indie projects and help find a comprehensive solution that is within your budget!
For a custom quote please inquire below.

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